New Cambodia Intern

After more than five months of service, Tyler Jorgensen has completed his service as Cambodia project managing intern and has returned home to Idaho. During his time in Cambodia he was able to facilitate some some 140 interviews, while involving scores  of family members in the process. We hope that Tyler will continue to be involved as he finishes his studies at Idaho State University. Our sincere thanks for his and his wife Dana’s service to the project at this crucial time.

To pick up where Tyler left off in Cambodia, we would like to announce that Mr. Wesley Crump (a current project assistant) will begin work as a new intern beginning early January 2017. Wesley brings with him understanding of the fundamentals of the project and his experience as missionary in Cambodia (2013-15).  He has been involved from the outset of the project, and has been working as volunteer coordinator on the project since April 2016. He is from Lehi, Utah and is studying studying plant genetics at Brigham Young University. He has interests in outdoor activities and music, and–––of course–––Cambodia language and culture


Dana Scott Bourgerie
Cambodian Oral Histories Project Lead