Back to Cambodia!

Meet our new intern for this upcoming year Nathan Kou!

He excited to be heading to Phnom Penh as the project’s first intern since a year and a half COVID-related pause. Nathan has great experience in Cambodia, including service as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (2016-2018).  He is currently serving as a volunteer translator for the project. Nathan has a deep love for the Khmer people and always gets excited when he meets Khmer people here in the United States.

Some fun facts about Nathan are:
• He is half Singaporean and half Macanese
• He is hoping to get into the advertising program at Brigham Young University
• He loves photography and it has slowly turned into a small business
• He did a study abroad in Cambodia in 2019 through the University of Hawaii and with the Center for Khmer Studies
• A bitter soup called sngaor mreah is his favorite Khmer food