Introducing New COHP Cambodia Coordinator

With profound thanks to Keo Somaly for her service as the COHP Cambodia coordinator, we are pleased to introduce Vanna Roth as the new coordinator. She has been a peer leader for some time and we welcome her now in this new role.

“Hi! I am Vannaroth. I’m a student of BYU pathways connect online and Cambodia is my home country. I’ve always wanted to know about the history of my own country from my parents or my family relatives. I love to listen to all of their experiences from their life. I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to be the new coordinator for the BYU Cambodian Oral History Project. I had the experience to interview both of my parents and my grandparents through the Cambodian Oral History Project. I learned all about their personal experiences from their life. When I listened to what they had to share with me, I felt that they always had hope in every thing that they did. I love how this project helps my country preserve the history of the Cambodian people. It helps all the young people involved in the project, to hear from their ancestors about how they persevered and worked so hard for each of them. I look forward to working to help COHP grow!”